Building a 1200HP+ 2JZ With Jrod

Building a 1200HP 2JZ With Jrod

8 Second Supra with full amenities? Jarod and Kim Holt dive deep into the 2JZ engine build with our very own Jay Meager.

We started with a variety of high level parts which we carry in house, making sure we don't miss the mark with neither the horsepower or reliability goals of the build.

One of the key components in this particular build is the lightweight crankshaft by Brian Crower. Not only is this crankshaft stronger and lighter than its oem counterpart, it also offers a longer stroke, increasing the displacement, and has a superior oiling system within. Using components like this and the other aftermarket parts in the engine will require a good amount of preparation/blueprinting so using a high level machine shop, and the proper tools / knowledge for assembly is crucial to the process.

Installing the pistons to the rods, locking the wrist pins with the c clip. and loading the piston rings onto the pistons all may look pretty straight forward but Jay made sure to add a couple tips on how to make the process easier. Both Jarod and Kim managed to pick this up real naturally and were able to get a lot of the parts installed themselves!

For some people installing the camshafts can be a nerve racking portion of the build, but when following the proper steps given by the cam manufacturer and following specified torque specifications, you can sleep easy knowing your parts are installed correctly and ready to make some jam!

Theres plenty of knowledge both Jared and Kim were able to pick up on by assembling their engine along side Jay. You can also join into the learning experience by watching the full step by step video live on our YouTube channel, Just scroll up on this page or click the link below.


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