Building A 250+MPH 2JZ Engine For Land Speed Racing - Detailed Assembly

Building A 1200+HP 2JZ Engine For Land Speed Racing - Detailed Assembly

In this video Jay assembles a 2JZ engine for land speed racing.

For those of you that caught the disassembly video ( for the engine that came out of the Datsun. It had a fair share of problems and was arguably at end of life.

This short block is going to consist of a set of CP 9.0:1 86mm Pistons that have the skirts done in an abradable coating. Connecting rods are Carrillo, the main caps are a set of Billet real street main caps that are held in place with the 625 custom age main stud kit that we sell here at Real Street. The main bearings are ACL, the rod bearings are King coated and there's a set of trend piston pins that are going to hold those connecting rods to the Pistons. The engine block has been prepped by Mazworx so it's got their CNC freeze plugs and CNC oil Galley plugs along with all the Machining that needs to be done to properly rebuild an engine.

The cylinder head was also done by Mazworx. It's got a set of Brian Crower dual valve springs, it's got a Kelford coated bucket with a new set of Brian crower 276 camshafts. Check out the full video to watch the entire detailed assembly.


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