Major Issues Found In 1200HP 2JZ

Major Issues Found In 1200HP 2JZ -Detailed Engine Teardown

Let's talk about land speed racing. Unlike other types of racing, land speed racing is a single driver on a closed course doing the speed trial. So it's you up against yourself. It's you up against a set of rules. It's you up against the weather conditions trying to go as fast as you can for the set distance of the course.

For those of you that don't recognize the red Datsun. We purchased it as a whole completed race car off of bring a trailer. Another team had taken it out to El Mirage and taking it out to Bonneville but they couldn't quite get it in the record book, so we got the car within our possession changed some things with the tuning. Put my buddy Red Stauffer in it, he went over 250 miles an hour at Bonneville, got into the 200 mile an hour Club. Then we took Mark Conte in the car at El Mirage which is a 1.3 mile dirt track, got him in the dirty two club.

During that process the driver accessory belt had fallen off more than once, so the car had made some amount of time wide open throttle without a functioning water pump because the ear on the engine block had been broken off in the past. When they welded it back on it wasn't quite straight so it kept pitching the belt off. So we knew that we had overheated the engine, but these types of things happen so we don't know exactly what kind of damage had occurred. It's still a running engine although cylinders five and six aren't as strong as the other cylinders. We're going to take the engine out, go through it, tell you what's wrong with it, build a new engine, get it back on the car, and get it back out to the West Coast so we can participate in events like the scta speed week event at Bonneville Salt Flats and the El Mirage 1.3 mile dirt track.


Check out the full video above to see what we found.


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