CSF 8200S Thermal Rejection Spacer 2018+ Toyota Supra A90 A91 BMW M340i 540i B58B30O1

CSF 8200S

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B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer

Must be used with CSF 8200 Charge Air Cooler.

CSF is continually updating and adding new products In an effort to help customers achieve the highest level of competition in motorsports. CSF is pleased to release the latest B58 performance product. The CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer (CSF #8200S).

The CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer is the next level upgrade for the B58 Super Manifold (CSF #8200). Made from KIYLEX®, a patented revolutionary high-performance final stage polymer. KIYLEX® is as strong as aluminum and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°F. This spacer is designed to insulate the intake manifold from conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head. This thermal barrier reduces manifold temperatures which helps lower Intake Air Temperatures (IATs), improve charge air cooler efficiency, and combats heat soak. CSF is the exclusive distributor for the KIYLEX® Intake Manifold Spacer for the B58 Motor.

How it works and why you need it

The addition of the Thermal Rejection Spacer is especially useful for Drag/Roll-Racing Events where vehicles typically sit in staging lanes in-between racing. This causes extreme heat soak to the liquid-to-air manifold as there is not sufficient airflow passing over the front mount heat exchanger when the car is idling (which is responsible for cooling the charge air fluid that runs through the manifold). This causes the starting IATs on subsequent runs to be higher than on the initial run.

The B58 Super Manifold is made from Billet Aluminum and 100% Tig Welded for strength, which allows it to be able to withstand higher boost pressures compared to the OEM plastic manifold. Aluminum has higher thermal conductivity than plastic resulting in a higher rate of heat transfer between the cylinder head and manifold. Adding the Thermal Rejection Spacer reduces heat transfer between the two metal components (cylinder head & manifold). The spacer absorbs the heat from the cylinder head and dissipates it rather than transferring it to the manifold.

The CSF Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer was designed for vehicles competing in motorsports who demand the absolute best cooling in order to gain a competitive edge. With that being said, there are significant advantages to adding this spacer upgrade to any vehicle with the CSF B58 Super Manifold installed.

Vehicle Application

  • 2020 2021 Toyota GR Supra Base A90
  • 2020 Toyota GR Supra Launch Edition A90
  • 2020 2021 Toyota GR Supra Premium A90
  • 2021 Toyota GR Supra A91 Edition A91
  • 2018+ BMW X3 M40iX G01*
  • 2018+ BMW X4 M40iX G02*
  • 2018+ BMW X5 45eX G05
  • 2018+ BMW X5 45i G05
  • 2018+ BMW X5 45iX G05
  • 2018+ BMW X6 40i G06
  • 2018+ BMW X6 40iX G06
  • 2018+ BMW X7 40iX G07
  • 2018+ BMW 740i G11
  • 2018+ BMW 745e G11
  • 2018+ BMW 740i G12
  • 2018+ BMW 740iX G12
  • 2018+ BMW 740Li G12
  • 2018+ BMW 740LiX G12
  • 2018+ BMW 745eX G12
  • 2018+ BMW 745Le G12
  • 2018+ BMW 745LeX G12
  • 2018+ BMW 840i G14
  • 2018+ BMW 840iX G14
  • 2018+ BMW 840i G15
  • 2018+ BMW 840iX G15
  • 2018+ BMW 840i G16
  • 2018+ BMW 840iX G16
  • 2018+ BMW M340i G20
  • 2018+ BMW M340iX G20
  • 2018+ BMW M340iX G21
  • 2020+ BMW 440i G22
  • 2020+ BMW 440i G23
  • 2020+ BMW 440i G26
  • 2018+ BMW Z4 M40i G29
  • 2018+ BMW 540i G30*
  • 2018+ BMW 540iX G30*
  • 2018+ BMW 540iX G31
  • 2018+ BMW 630iX G32
  • 2018+ BMW 640i G32
  • 2018+ BMW 640iX G32

*B85C (2nd gen) motor only. Model Years equipped with this motor vary by region


More Information
Vendor Name Code Part Number 8200S
Availability New In Stock / Available
Barcode 71035308200S
UPC Code 71035308200S
Note Must be used with CSF 8200 Charge Air Cooler.
Shipping Weight (Dimensional) 2.000000
Clearance Sale No
Availability Available
Part Type Intake Manifold Plenum Spacers
Make BMW, Toyota / Lexus
Model Supra MKV 2020 A90, Supra MKV 2021+ A91
Engine B58B30M0, B58B30M1, B58B30O1
Color Blue
Brand CSF
Carb Legal No
Shipping Label Free Shipping


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