HPL Synthetic Break-In Motor Oil 5W30 Case of 12 Quarts HPL0530BI-C

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  • Maximum camshaft, lifter, push rods tip and bearings protection, perfect for flat tappet cams

  • Ideal balance of key additives allows the rings to seat without compromising other critical engine components

  • Superior protection at startup and low oil temperatures

  • Made in the USA


HPL Synthetic Break-In Oil with Boosted Technology, the oil that is chemically engineered for proper engine break-in on high performance engines.

This is achieved by using only the highest quality synthetic base oils and specially formulated break-in additives. HPL Break-In oil promotes fast and efficient seating of the piston rings without compromising other critical engine components. The Boosted Technology additive pack offers the ideal amount of anti-wear and film strength in order to protect the cam, lifters, rockers, and bearings during the break-in process. HPL oil with Boosted Technology exceeds O.E. requirements, allowing it to effortlessly outperform the leading high performance break-in oils. Made in the USA.


Breaking-In a motor correctly is the most important step to insure engine longevity and performance. Don’t be fooled by creative marketing gimmicks and “miracle” additive, superior protection begins with a superior recipe that is engineered for maximum effectiveness during break-in. Failure to properly break-in an engine can result in premature camshaft/lifter failure, blow-by, smoking and oil consumption.


HPL uses only the highest quality synthetic base oils coupled with the proprietary Boosted Technology, Break-In additive pack. This powerful combination of balanced/ unrivaled additives and premium base oil insures unsurpassed protection during engine break-in. Adequately lubricating the cam, lifters, push rods tips and bearings while allowing the rings to properly seat in the cylinder bores is a delicate balance. HPL Break-In formula is engineered for Superior protection from the start. You have many choices when buying break-in oil. Make sure you choose the oil you can trust to promote ring seal and provide maximum valve train protection, make sure you choose HPL.


More Information
Availability New In Stock / Available
Oil Volume Case of 12 Quarts
Oil Series Break-In
Oil Type Synthetic
Oil Weight 5W30
Shipping Weight (Dimensional) 24.350000
Clearance Sale No
Availability In Stock
Part Type Motor Oil
Make Universal
Model Universal
Engine Universal
Brand HPL
Carb Legal Unspecified
Shipping Label Free Shipping


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