King Bearings GPC Coated Rod Bearings STD BMW 340i 16-19 B58B30M0 Supra GR A90 2020 B58B30M1

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King's TechLab - Excel and Exceed

TechLab is our starting point for exploring new technologies. It’s where our new products and features are designed, tested and validated.

Our TechLab R&D culture focuses on constant analysis of what can be done to support ever increasing race engine loads, and how to improve bearing durability.

One of those technologies is GPC.

GPC combines a unique tri-metal structure with advanced surface processes made to handle extreme loads.

GPC Attributes

Modified engines can suffer from issues such as low oil pressure and oil starvation, which can cause premature rod and/or main bearing failure. Additionally, the greater loads and increased cylinder pressures can easily fatigue “street duty” engine bearings, again leading to premature failure.

King Engine Bearings offers superior engine bearing choices designed to outperform anything available in the market today. Our advanced technology bearing materials and constructions enable high-end engine builder to achieve the performance his clients demand and the reliability they require. Whether for all-out racing competition or combination street/strip ego indulgence, King has the right bearing for every requirement.


GPC - Silver Composite, Polymer Coated The solution for extreme loads King’s new GPC is a tri-metal material that handles 17,000 PSI compared to available race materials that peak at 11,000 PSI. GPC, the polymer coated version of the SV composite, features an intermediate lead-bronze layer over steel, topped by a silver overlay containing solid lubricant particle


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Barcode 611500626647
UPC Code 611500626647
Note Coated
Note Coated
Shipping Weight (Dimensional) 0.750000
Clearance Sale Yes
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Availability In Stock
Part Type Connecting Rod Bearings
Make BMW, Toyota / Lexus
Model 340i 2016+ F30, Supra MKV 2020 A90
Engine B58B30M0, B58B30M1
Brand King Bearings
Bearing Class Non-Race
Bearing oversize STD (Standard)
Carb Legal No
Shipping Label Free Shipping


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