King Bearings Race XP Rod Bearings STD Celica All-Trac GT-Four ST185 ST205 MR2 SW20 3S-GTE Gen 2 3

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One often overlooked part when building an engine is the bearings. Getting a quality set of bearings can directly determine the longevity of your engine.

Description: TOYOTA 3SGTE, 16v 2.0L

Bearing Types:

MB - Main bearing set

CR - Con Rod bearing set

CS - Camshaft bearing set

TW - Thrust washer set

Material construction:

HP - Bi-metal aluminum Silicon Alloy

XP - Tri-metal copper lead

Bearing Features:

N - Narrowed

D - Dowel

Bearing size inches

Dimension / Under Size e.g. "STD" for Standard, X equals .001" extra Clearance

Bearing Size Inches STDX STD .001" 010X .010" .011" 020X .020" .021" .030"
Bearing Size metric STDX STD .025 .25 0.5 0.75
Crankshaft undersize 0 0 0 -.010" -.010" -.010" -.020" -.020" -.020" -.030"
Additional Shell Thickness (on nominal) -.0005" 0 +.0005" +.0045" +.005" +.0055" +.0095" +.010" +.0105" +.015"

Metal Structure : Tri-metal copper lead.

Race Type: Circle track, Off-road, off-shore, others that require steel crankshafts.

Engine requirements: High load - Long Duration.

The only bearing with load capacity of 17,000psi in the intermediate and 10,200psi in the overlay
The only bearing that goes through a hardening process creating a black fatigue resistance shield, which makes the overlay 24% stronger than any other bearing (11.5hv vs 14.5hv)
The only bearings with wall thickness variation of ±.0001” as a standard in comparison to ±0.00025”.
from bearing to bearing, requiring less adjustment during assembly
The only bearings that don’t require you to buy multiple sets to achieve desired oil clearance


More Information
Availability New In Stock / Available
Barcode 611500562945
UPC Code 611500562945
Shipping Weight (Dimensional) 0.350000
Clearance Sale No
Availability In Stock
Part Type Connecting Rod Bearings
Make Toyota / Lexus
Model MR2 90-99 SW20, Celica All-Trac 90-93 ST185, Celica GT-Four 94-99 ST205
Engine 3S-GTE Gen 2 SW20 ST185, 3S-GTE Gen 3 JDM SW20 ST205
Brand King Bearings
Competitor Interchange Part Number 4B8366H CB-1439P 4-3895RA
Bearing Class Race
Bearing oversize STD (Standard)
Carb Legal Unspecified
Shipping Label Free Shipping


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