Fully Built Nissan SR20 Engine Assembly With Mazworx | 600HP

Fully Built Nissan SR20 Engine Assembly With Mazworx

Jay Meagher and long time Nissan guru Mark Mazurowski dive deep into the world of Nissan 4 cylinder engine building in this detailed SR20 DET assembly video.

Throughout this video you'll find tips and tricks that can help you along the way in your build, as well as some insight into the aftermarket support on these engines from two industry veterans.
In part one of this SR20 series, we tore down this engines core, and found some areas that needed attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2_v9RG5T_M .

Teaming up with Mark from Mazworx Racing Engines, we were able to put together a new longblock capable of reliably reaching the customer's horsepower goal of 600hp. Interested in seeing more Nissan engine content? Let us know in the comments below in the video, and we'll work your ideas into our video schedule!

Build List and links.

- Long Block Package similar to this build. https://www.mazworx.com/sr20det-rwd-long-block-stage-2.aspx

- Short block Package similar to this build. https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/408-Mazworx-Podium-Stage-2-Short-Block-SR20-RWD.aspx

- Head package similar to this build. https://www.mazworx.com/sr20det-stage-.5-cylinder-head-clone.aspx


SR20DET S13 Head, Stage 0.5,

- Disassemble Head

- Hot Tank/Clean

- Remove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port

- Plugs, SR Head

- Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs

- Remove, Reinstall, Ream Valve Guides

- Valve Job, Multi Angle

- Set Rocker Level

- Resurface Head 

- Head Assembly


- Brian Crower Stage 2 Camshafts

- Street/Drift Spec #BC0205

- Supertech Valve Stem Seals

- Supertech Titanium Retainers

- Supertech Single Valve Springs, 68lbs

- Supertech Bronze Valve Guides

- Supertech Intake Valves, Std

- Supertech Incondel Exhaust Valves, Std

- Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Freeze Plug Kit

- Misc Plugs SR20 Block, Stage 2.2

- Disassemble Short Block

- Hot Tank/Clean

- Sand Blast Block

- Remove/Retap/Replace Oil Port Plugs

- Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs

- Sleeve Install

- Resize Cylinders

- Use Torque Plate During Honing

- Step Deck

- Resize Line Bore

- Oil Groove Machining


SR20 Parts:

- Darton Dry Sleeves

- Wiseco 86mm 9.0:1 Pistons

- Wiseco .866x2.500" .1969" Wall 5115 Material Pin Upgrade (Chamfered)

- Brian Crower ProH2K Connecting Rods w/ ARP2000 Fasteners (17mm width bearing)

- Nissan SR20 Crankshaft OEM 86mm

- Oil Pump, SR20DET S14/S15

- Mazworx SR20 Main Stud Kit

- King Bearings Rod Bearings STD 17mm rod

- King Bearings Main Bearings STD

- King Bearings Thrust Washer

- ACL Thrust Washer

- ACL Race Main Bearings STD

- Tomei Head Gasket 87.0mm Bore 1.5mm

- Mazworx Threaded/O-ringed Freeze Plug Kit

- Mazworx Front Oil Squirter, SR20

- Mazworx Billet Breather Adapter

- Mazworx -10AN/Plug Water Pipe


Misc Plugs Links:

- Mazworx SR20 60-2 Crank Only Sensor Kit For RWD ATI https://www.mazworx.com/mazworx-sr20-crank-sensor.aspx

- Timing Chain Tensioner (Comes in Timing Chain Kit) https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/98-Mazworx-SR20-Timing-Chain-Tensioner.aspx

- Mazworx Front Oil Squirter (Comes in Timing Chain Kit) https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/347-Mazworx-SR20-Timing-Chain-Oil-Squirter.aspx

- Timing Chain Kit https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/313-Mazworx-SR20-Timing-Chain-Kit.aspx

- Valve Cover Washers https://www.mazworx.com/mazworx-sr20-valve-cover-hardware-kit.aspx

- Head Studs https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/141-Mazworx-SR20-Head-stud-Kit.aspx

- Engine Bolt Kit https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/133-Mazworx-SR20-Engine-Bolt-Kit.aspx

- OIl Pump Pickup https://www.mazworx.com/sr20det-rwd-oil-pump-pickup.aspx

- Extended Oil Pump Drive https://www.mazworx.com/oil-pump-crank-drive-sr20ve.aspx

- Crank Bolt https://www.mazworx.com/mazworx-sr20-crank-pulley-bolt.aspx

- Main Studs https://www.mazworx.com/store/p/132-Mazworx-SR20-Main-Stud-Kit.aspx

- Water Fittings https://www.mazworx.com/sr20-rwd-water-pipe-fitting-10an.aspx https://www.mazworx.com/sr20-rwd-water-pipe-fitting-plug.aspx

- Breather Adapter https://www.mazworx.com/sr20-breather-adapter-8an-orb.aspx


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