Jay teaches Real Street employee how to assemble his K20a2

Jay teaches Real Street employee how to assemble his K20a2

In todays video, Jay assembles a K20a2 Engine that is going to be turbocharged. Joining Jay is Ricky. Ricky is part of the Real Street Performance team and works in our Shipping department making sure your orders are in and ready to go. Watch step by step process and get a good information along the way. Ricky will also get hands on with his own engine assembly with Jay showing him some tips and tricks.

You can keep up with Ricky on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rickywiththecars/


Cylinder Block

K20a2 block bored to 86.5mm

-Wiseco 9.6:1 pistons

-Brian crower H beam rods

-Ati street damper

-4piston ported oil pump

-Hybrid racing timing chain tensioner


Cylinder Head

K20a2 Cylinder head

-Brian crower stage 2 cams

-Supertech springs and retainers


Turbo Setup Plan

-Precision Turbo 6466 ball bearing

-Artec sidewinder manifold



-AWD crv transmission

-Freelander driveshaft and VC


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