Q&A With Jay Meagher | Favorite engine? 2JZ Stroker? RB26 Build? Hp Rating? and more

Q and A With Jay Meagher - 100K Subscriber video

We just hit 100K subscribers on YouTube! Thank you all who watch and support our videos. In todays video we asked you guys on social media to send in questions for Jay to answer. Below are time stamps to help you navigate through the video.

0:00 - Intro

0:19 - What rods and pistons do you recommend for a 100hp Evo X?

1:17 - At what power level would a billet crank become a necessity, in a 2JZ?

2:25 - Recommended bore sizes for upgraded sleeves Gen 3 Coyote?

3:32 - When building a motor, how do you determine the horsepower it is rated for?

6:06 - Would like to see you doing an RB26 motor.

7:00 - Building a GE VVTI for big power (1000+) Should I stick to a GE oil pump or upgrade to GTE?

9:01 - Advice for People who are staying stock with a 2JZ GTE but want 500hp.

10:10 - Grilled cheese or Taco?

11:10 - HKS twin disc, any good?

12:23 - With Carrillo H beams on a 3.4L stocker 2JZ, do you have to notch the block? and what HP for billet mains?

14:34 - Is it possible to run 8 seconds in a fully build none filled 2JZ block with manual transmission?

16:04 - T400 behind a 2JZ for a street car, Yay or nay?

17:45 - Will Jay ever stop being Slowphobic?

18:15 - Any experience with Supertech pistons? Would you consider them reliable or not?

19:26 - How's it going, Jay?

19:45 - Best method for setting timing when building a 2JZ both VVTI and non VVT-i?

21:53 - These days is it better to build 2JZ GE VVT-i for the street vs GTE VVT-i? Pros/Cons?

23:36 - I have a stock K20 engine. What to check before engine swap? How do I know it's good?

25:03 - What is your favorite engine to build/work on and why? What's your favorite motor?

26:10 - You're the best. Keep it up.

26:28 - Is there any disadvantages to a 3.4L stroker 2JZ?

27:21 - How to prevent a machined and cleaned short block/cylinder head from rust when in storage?

29:38 - Thanks for your tech tips!!!

30:24 - M1 vs M5 methanol race fuel differences and uses in pure form for high HP boosted?

31:37 - How you so handsome?

32:42 - Ring gap of RS1600?

34:44 - Does it matter when it comes to picking the right size intercooler piping?

36:35 - What's the truth (in your opinion) about HP limitations about stock GTE bottom ends?

38:59 - Thoughts on offset ground 2JZ crank for an affordable 3.2L?

40:58 - Not a question but a thank you for sharing your knowledge, message from Trinidad.

41:24 - What oil and filter type to use in a stock block big turbo 2JZ?

43:11 - Will a piston ring ever seat if the broken in procedure wasn't correctly done?

44:40 - Ever experienced a damaged upper center (4cl) crank bearing? Trying to figure out why it happened.

46:07 - Outro


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